West, Logan – Draw: Getting the Most out of a Sketchbook

Drawing: Getting the Most Out of a Sketchbook

Logan West


A 9” x 12” sketchbook, Strathmore has nice sketchbooks that are good for dry media

Drawing pencils, specifically ones of different hardness, get 2 pencils each of BH, B, 2B and 4B

Pencil sharpener

Exacto knife

Erasers, get a soft rubber kneaded eraser and a polymer/plastic eraser.  The kneaded erasers are grey, the polymer/plastic ones tend to be white

Black ball-point pens, these don’t need to be fancy, office stores tend have big boxes of the black BIC ones for pretty cheap

Black sharpies, try to get at least a big bold Sharpie and a fine-point one as well–getting a variety of sizes is good for these.