Principal’s Message


Picture of Eric, Principal

“It is only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”
Roy T. Bennett

Bennett’s quote is well suited for the spring 2020 program brochure. Last fall, PSA staff came to the realization that we needed to change the format of the catalog and we knew we would need to step outside of our comfort zone to do it. Those of you who have lived in the community for some time and have become accustomed to the 60-plus page catalog landing in your mailbox twice a year may find this condensed brochure a little outside of your comfort zone too. But there are very good reasons why the time has come to change the format.
Going Green
As much as we would like to think that every catalog ends up on the coffee table of each intended recipient, well worn from constant use, we know that is not the case. Each term, there are thousands of extra catalogs that eventually find their way to the trash can or recycle bin unused. By moving to a condensed brochure, PSA will have a much lighter environmental footprint.
Digital Literacy
One of the missions of adult schools throughout the state is to develop the digital literacy skills of all students. You will notice that this brochure gives general information about the four program areas in which classes are offered, but does not give specific class information (dates/times/locations). Instead, you will see references to the PSA website – –  that will allow you to search for specific classes and to register online. But never fear, the same great people are here to help should you hit a virtual roadblock – just call or stop by the office. We will even have kiosks available and can show you how to navigate, select, and register online.
The minute we print the paper catalog, it is obsolete. Typo? Can’t fix it. Change to a class schedule or location? Can’t update it. Add a new class? You won’t know if you are looking at the paper catalog. All of these issues are resolved by using Every update to class information is made in real time, allowing students to see the most current offerings as well as corrections. Accurate and timely information at your fingertips!
Dollars and “Sense”
The staff at PSA takes the responsibility of being good stewards of public funds very seriously. The transition to the condensed brochure is projected to save approximately $50,000 annually. This is money that can be reallocated to develop and grow educational programs. We simply cannot justify the cost of the traditional catalog any longer – it just doesn’t make sense.

So join us in stepping outside what has become comfortable but antiquated and allow for the opportunity to change, grow and transform.

Eric Vereyken, Principal