Online Computing Equipment

  • All students who are taking PSA online courses must have working computers and stable internet connections. Below are technology equipment suggestions for an optimal computing experience while taking online computer classes. (These suggestions are based on industry experience):
  • ========================================================
  • Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 Central Processing Unit (CPU) or greater
  • 8 GB RAM/Random Access Memory (or greater)
    • You can find out what your system has by right-clicking on “start’ menu followed by right-clicking on ‘system’.
  • 250GB Hard drive/storage (or greater)
    • You can find out what your system has by clicking on “This PC”, then right mouse click on “Local Disk (C)” and then select “Property”·       
  • Windows 10 Operating System (OS)
  • Network: Ethernet (10/100MB port qty=1) or Wifi (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz)
  • Webcam (720p or greater (1080p is suggested))
  • Microphone and Speakers (Note: laptops might be built in)
  • Internet speeds are suggested at 3Mb download/1Mb upload.


Meeting the technology recommendations noted above with your home equipment should provide you with a quality online classroom experience.

Important: PSA does not loan computer equipment. You are responsible for having the necessary technology equipment at home to access PSA online courses.