Our NEW Career Center is OPEN!

PSA Career Center
1919 Grass Valley Hwy, Ste.100
Auburn, CA, 95603

The new Career Center features on-going career workshops, computer classes, a new computer lab for resume and job search, on-site career counselors, and free typing tests.


Placer School for Adults: Career Center – Now Open!

Stop by our new location: 1919 Grass Valley Hwy Ste.100, Auburn CA 95603
We will be holding many of our Technology-based classes at this new location, you can sign up for classes and also get your Fitness card here (as well at at our main PSA office located at 3775 Richardson Drive, Auburn 95602.

Check out our Clinical Medical Assistant Program!

You can find the catalog by using this link here.
Here’s a few programs we are offering this semester:

Our Clinical Medical Assistant program will prepare you to assist physicians in providing patient care in healthcare offices and facilities.
You will gain exposure to and instruction in job duties that include assisting with exams and minor surgery, taking patient vital signs, caring for patients, performing lab tests, administering medications, electrocardiography and much more.
• Evening classes enable you to maintain your day job while learning a new career in the evening.
• We cover all the essential skills needed for the position and prepare you for certification(s).
• Clinical Medical Assistants earn $10-$20 per hour according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
Be prepared for the following national certification exams:
• Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam offered through the National Healthcare Association (NHA)
• National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT)
• California Certifying Board for Medical Assistants
Our Business Office Professional Certification:
•Improve and develop your computer skills in the Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 desktop applications.
Within the last several years, a new computing model has emerged that is now the platform of choice for businesses to remain competitive, that platform is called cloud computing.
•Construct an effective resume, write a cover letter, learn about job interview techniques, and find appropriate interview apparel.
•Basic math will also be reviewed with the four basic math functions.
Discover powerful ways to search for employment (traditional and Web-based), learn about professional networking (LinkedIn) and how to post your resume on job boards where employers can find you.
Basic Computer Skills:
• File Management, • Internet, • Web Mail, • Cloud Computing
Microsoft Office 2016:
• Word, • Excel, • PowerPoint
Gainful Employment
• Job Search, • Resume Creation, • Dress for Success, • Interviewing Techniques, • Guest Speakers
Business Writing
• Cover Letters, • Business Etiquette, • Composition Strategies

PC Technician & Networking:
Interested in becoming a computer technician or joining the IT field? This introductory course will cover a wide range of skills which will assist you on your career path. Areas of focus will include understanding the PC, introduction to hardware and software, networking (including home and small office), PC repair and troubleshooting. You will be prepared to continue on with the CompTIA A+ certification prep class.

CompTIA A+ Certification Prep:
Drill down into deeper levels of hardware common to virtually every personal computer and network including micro-processors, RAM, power supplies, motherboards, BIOS, CMOS, the expansion bus, I/O devices, networking and Windows. You’ll learn how to configure and troubleshoot in real work environments and gain sufficient knowledge to build your own PC. Base the rest of your CompTIA A+ certification studies for the exams on the knowledge gained in this class.
Successful completion prepares you for CIS 65 Networking Fundamentals at Sierra College.

The PASSAGE Course – a student testimonial

PASSAGE – Placer Adult School Strategies and Assistance in Gaining Employment

A testimonial from a PASSAGE student:

I’ve just completed Passage, a Computer and Office Skills Program offered through Placer School for Adults.  I stumbled on the program while researching education classes for my adult dependent daughter and realized the Passage Program was an ideal way for me to brush up my very dusty office skills and become familiar with current technology.

I’m so thankful that I took this class.  The course covered a wealth of information on computers, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, email, internet, etc. (basic office protocol today) and also offered students individualized instruction on resumes and job search strategies.  The students in the class were a mixed bag; retirees wanting to return to the workforce full and part-time, young, head-of-household mothers, who wanted to escape the minimum wage trap and better their families lives, soon to be empty nesters reentering the workforce, a horse whisperer and dog trainer, small business entrepreneurs, who I imagine will use technology to market their services.

Our instructor, Dudley Jude, expertly guided our motley group with patience (so much patience) and humor (much needed and appreciated) throughout the course “There is no such thing as a stupid question”.  We learned in a warm, supportive environment.  He often contributed his own time to give students “homework” extra coursework practice. The pace was fast and students assisted each other through more difficult assignments.  The class had a collaborative, non-threatening feel.  The Computer Program Director, Arij Mousa, was informative and encouraging and the PSA office staff always had a ready smile.

Towards the end of the course, I was given an extra credit research assignment (optional) to group technology courses offered through PSA, develop a certificate for that coursework, and show where students could then enter the job market with that certificate or where they would go to further their education.  I did not complete the assignment (work, school, home, life!).  And I thought about it differently.  It struck me that it was not where you could go after completing these courses (infinite, in my opinion), but that you can’t go anywhere without them!  We need these skills today in work but also for staying connected in our own lives.

A fellow student remarked relief that the class was over (we are all probably a little behind at home) but sadness too.  We will miss the camaraderie.  Several students plan to continue their technology education by taking further classes together.  Our own little network!

The Passage Program is a wonderful, and much needed, community service.  

Gail (Passage Student 2013)

Pearson Vue Testing Center

We are now an official partner with Pearson Vue, and provide computerized testing for GED and hundreds of other tests. Please go to for a complete list of tests. We test on most Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. To schedule a test go to Our testing center is located at 13055 Bill Francis Drive, Auburn, CA.

For more information about GED testing and to register for the test please log in to:, or