Richard Hurley

at-the-officeBio: Richard was born in Upstate New York. When he was 9, his family moved to Europe, where he attended Italian schools and a British school in Switzerland. After attending high school in California, he went to Harvard for a degree in Visual Studies. After college, he worked for three years as History Preparator for the Oakland Museum, where his duties included supervising restoration and designing exhibits. He returned to school for an M.Arch degree from UC Berkeley, then fled the Bay Area for the Sierra Foothills.
CAD (computer-aided design) was becoming popular at the time. Richard undertook extensive projects in 3D modeling and animation, which led to a career jump to computer-based multimedia. He has produced corporate training, educational, and promotional CDs and DVDs, as well as 3D animations for video. He has taught multimedia programming and 3D animation at American River College and Sierra College.
He is co-author of Queen of the Northern Mines – a Novel of the Civil War in California and presents a multimedia presentation entitled California and the Civil War at museums and historical societies. (See for more info.)
He is also interested in languages, including French, Italian, Latin, Old and Middle English, and German.

Courses for Fall 2013

  • Get to Know Your iPad Apple’s iPad has been spectacularly popular among PC and Mac users alike. This course offers hands-on instruction on how to set up and run your iPad for both home and business use. We will cover the built-in apps Apple provides for communications, productivity, and entertainment, and learn how iOS6 synchronizes your information seamlessly across multiple devices – including your desktop computer. Harness the power of the most elegant tablet on the market today!
  • Fundamental Mac Skills Workshop We will review fundamental skills such as selecting objects and moving them around the Desktop,creating files and folders, and getting in and out of applications. The instructor will assess each student’s skills and offer advice on how to prepare for
    the Basic Mac Workshop. No experience necessary.
  • Basic Mac Skills  Study the Mac operating system—the easiest-to-master and most elegant computing environment available today. We will review the many options Mac offers for viewing and storing information. This class is PC-friendly and offers tips to those who wish to use Mac. Some familiarity with computers is required. If you need to brush up (or get an assessment of your skills) before taking this class, consider taking the Fundamental Mac Skills Workshop.
  • Intermediate Mac Skills This course is a continuation of the Basic Mac Skills class, with emphasis on the finer points of the Mac OS such as: security, backup strategies, system preferences, web browsing and email. We will also take a look at popular software applications for Mac.
  • iWork Apple’s iWork suite is a direct challenge to Microsoft’s Office software – but is easier to work with and stronger graphically. iWork documents are compatible with PCs and Office-dominated workspaces. This course will cover Pages (word processing), Keynote (presentation), and Numbers (spreadsheet) applications. Prerequisite: Basic Mac Skills or equivalent knowledge.

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