Sonja Hamilton – Intermediate/Advanced Watercolor

Supply list for SONJA HAMILTON’S Watercolor classes
Spring 2017

If you have equivalent supplies to those listed below, you may bring them. (I mix my greens – the reason for so many blue and yellows.)

• Precut mat to fit your paper size(s).
• Drawing board or watercolor block of 140# paper, D’Arches preferred.
• Bulldog clips, tape, or thumb tacks if needed to secure paper to board.
• Paper: 140# D’Arches cold pressed and rough paper – single sheets (or block no smaller than 12×16).
• Brushes: 1 inch Aquarelle, #6 or #7 or #8 round, #5 rigger or script. OPTIONAL: 1 ½ inch flat, large round (#26 or larger, any brand), #4 “signature” brush.
• Plastic container for water, at least one pint.
• Spray bottle for water.
• Palette and these tube colors:
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors: Aureolin, New Gamboge, Quinacridone Gold, Quin. Burnt Orange, Quin. Rose, Carmine or Permanent Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine, Cobalt Teal Blue, Cerulean Blue
Any brand: Burnt Sienna (not Daniel Smith), Cobalt Blue
Holbein: Cobalt Blue Hue (Tint) [it has Thalo blue in it], Manganese Blue
Windsor & Newton: Transparent Yellow
OPTIONAL hues: Thalo Green* (any brand), Thalo Blue*, Hansa Yellow, AZO yellow, (DS) Permanent Brown, (DS) Cerulean Blue, (Grumbacher) Thio Violet.
• 1 Sheet Watermedia Polyester Film – 18×24 or 22×30 (Cheap Joe’s or your local art store).
• Notepaper and/or sketchbook, pencil, soft eraser.
• Pocketknife or credit card piece.
OPTIONAL materials: salt, masking tape, masking fluid, old brush, small piece bar soap.

Places to shop besides your local art stores:
1. Daniel Smith Inc. 1-800-426-6740 – They will only mail order Daniel Smith paints from now on. ,however you can find Daniel Smith watercolors locally at Dawn’s – see below.
2. Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff: 1-800-227-2788. He carries these watercolor brands: his own, Rembrandt, Windsor & Newton, Rowney, Holbein, DaVinci; (Allow two weeks or more for shipping)
3. Locally: Students get a 10% discount at Dawn’s Art Supply in the Raley’s shopping center in Auburn on Lincoln. They carry Daniel Smith paints and Grafix, the water media acetate.
NOTES: When you read the manufacturer’s name in front of a color, it most likely is a phthalo hue. For example: Windsor Blue or Windsor Green, Rembrandt Blue or Rembrandt Green. Rembrandt Blue Green is a combo of both phthalos – blue and green! Phthalo (thalo) is found in the “ingredients” of most greens and some blues. Cobalt Blue Hue by Holbein has phthalo in it, as does Maimeri brand Primary Blue-Cyan. Phthalo is found in most sap greens, Hooker’s greens, and Viridian. (Hooker’s also has black.) Interesting.
You can make Daniel Smith’s Green Gold by mixing any brand of Aureolin Yellow with WN Green Gold (not on my list). Try mixing Burnt Sienna + Alizarin to make your version of Permanent Brown. Daniel Smith has a new Cerulean Blue (which I like) that does not have a greenish tint to it, is semi-transparent, non-staining, and sedimentary (granular). His old Cerulean Blue has “Chromium” as part of the name.