Optional Books


The following is a list of classes that have Optional Books. Some classes in the Placer School for Adults catalog have an Optional Book that has been selected by the instructor to provide additional support to the information they provide in class. Our school doesn’t sell these Optional Books, but the book information is supplied below if you are interested in purchasing them at a book store or online (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t see the title of the class you are taking, it DOES NOT have an Optional Book.

Basic Computer Skills

Welcome to Windows 10

  • Windows 10 Simplified by Elaine Mamel, ISBN: 978-1-11905-7154


  • Windows 10 in Easy Steps by Nick Vandome, ISBN: 978-1-84078-6439


Essential Macintosh Skills

Fundamental Mac Skills Workshop

  • macOS Sierra: The Missing Manual: The book that should have been in the box, by David Pogue, ISBN: 978-1491977231

Basic Mac Skills 

  • Same as above in Fundamental Mac Skills Workshop…

Intermediate Mac Skills

  • Same as above in Fundamental Mac Skills Workshop…